Imagining Conceptual Art; László Beke’s 1971 collection within an international context (opening 23. 3., 19:00, 24. 3. – 28. 5. 2017))

tranzit. hu and tranzitdisplay in Prague are proud to present László Beke’s project Imagination, the first collection of Hungarian conceptual art, compiled in 1971. (more…)

reinventing horizons_titulka

reinventing horizons

The current state of accelerationist philosophy increasingly appears to serve as a point of coalescence for various attempts at redefining diverse potentialities, estranged objectivities and inhumanisms which circulate the contemporary discourse. We attempt to add to these discourses by asking the following questions. What can we do within the confines of present conditions, while facing these challenges, agencies and vast spaces beyond? How can we unbind the shackles of the present? What are the possibilities and conditions of speculative and accelerationist discourses, and what are the investments and aspirations for such an endeavour? That is what we mean by Reinventing Horizons.

Published by Display Association for Research and
Collective Practice
Cumulus series
Editor of series: Zbyněk Baladrán
Editors: Vít Bohal, Dustin Breitling, Václav Janoščík
Authors: Jason Adams, Armen Avanessian, Diann
Bauer, Amanda Beech, Martin Brabec, Federica
Bueti, Victoria Ivanova, Antonia Majaca, Luciana Parisi,
Patricia Reed, Mohammad Salemy, Nick Srnicek,
Peter Wolfendale

Translation: Niels Schott
Peer review: Tomáš Dvořák
Technical redaction: Vít Bohal, Dustin Breitling,
Václav Janoščík
Coordination: Hana Šťastná
Proofreading: Megan Bedell
Cover Design: Mohammad Salemy
Graphic Design: DADABASE NYC
Printer: Helbich a.s.
First edition: Prague 2016
Print run: 600
Cover art: John Gerrard, Solar Reserve
(Tonopah, Nevada) 2014, 2014, detail
Simulation, 28ft x 24ft artist – designed frameless LED wall,
Photo Courtesy of John Gerrard Studio,
Copyright: John Gerrard