Restless Borders: Posthuman planetary (po)ethics

It seems that in the 21st century, crises have become an unconditional part of our everyday experience. While (post)apocalyptic fictions are becoming ever more popular, reality seems to be keeping up with them every step of the way, and often wildly transcends even the most imaginative visions of the best-paid entertainment industry professionals. Catastrophism permeates the global (eco)system, inscribing itself not only in socio-economic, environmental and geopolitical processes, but also constituting the domain of our imaginations whose dystopic dimensions are becoming ever harder to overcome. This book attempts to find hope in certain audiovisual works which move beyond the cultural patterns of the Anthropocene in favor of a posthuman (po)ethics, prompting us to reflect on a wide range of planetary processes and partially situated perspectives. They thus guide the Human to discover new (non-destructive) ways of cohabitation with the non-human, Other and queer reality, and work towards a formulation of paths which might move beyond the contemporary epistemology of crisis.