To Work

Work is determined by the particular profession, the place of operations, the branch of industry, the field of study. Work has tremendous impact on the quality and the conditions of our lives. Work edifies us, makes us more human, creates meaning, but it also enslaves us, binds us and exploits us. To be unemployed or unemployable is considered one of the most humiliating social positions a person can be in.

This book consists of interviews with ten men and women, focusing on their work. Their stories seem at first sight common, but they shed light on interesting and often surprising details and show the particular nuances of contemporary labor. What does a custodian of public toilets note down in her diary? What is it like to work in a prison? What is it like to live torn between debt, sick leave and working numerous precarious jobs? What brings a smile to a waiter working the dining coach on a train? What is the future of vocational craft schools? And how is it that being able to quit your job is a source of empowerment?

The book is only available in the Display gallery. Curently we are working on a reprint, which is coming soon.