Apr 10, 2018 — Jun 10, 2018

Multilogues on the Now: On Health, Work and Emotions

On Health, Work and Emotions, the second part the series Multilogues on the Now, continues to question hegemonic narratives, normative patterns, marginalised discourses and invisible practices connected to ideas of health, sickness, dis/ability, cure, therapies, treatment and medicine(s) in late-capitalist society.

For the spring 2018, the body is imagined as a space of political, social and economic agency and conflict where emotion such as intimacy, desire, boredom, resentment and anger are intertwined with notions of productivity, sickness and care. Examining artistic strategies of solidarity, collectivity and access it will bringing together a wide range of participants who will re-imagine the future by reconstituting the Now. For the exhibition at Display, a selection of recent works of art is presented, often the outcome of subjective experience or long term, research-based practice and collaborative engagement with communities. Visual vocabularies range from gestural diaries of autoimmune disease, films distorting the conventions of storytelling to sculptural forms made from the natural psychedelic psylocybin.

The live programme of performances, talks, workshops and an off-site project extends the exhibition to include, amongst other concerns, radical feminist therapy of the 1970s, resentment and bad vibes, biopolitical surveillance of fertility, postcolonial poetry, living with illness, self examination as a form of resistance, disability and postsocialism, regressive development, and baking.

Supported by: Ministry of Culture Czech Republic, City of Prague, National Fund for Culture, Prague 2 Council, British Council, Foundation for the Arts Emergency Grant, Step Beyond Travel Grant, Slovak Art Council. The project was supported by Charles University, project GA UK No 250763.