Feb 16, 2023 — 18:00

Autonomy, Rave and the Night || Lecture, Performance, Discussion and Music

Participating Olia Sosnovskaya, Lost Property Press and Noah Brehmer, BCAA Systém Curated by Hana Janečková

Olia Sosnovskaya: burn, on fire, alight, inflamed, glow, ablaze, fervent, go up in smoke

Olia Sosnovskaya lecture-performance is part of her long term research on official soviet and post-soviet celebrations, festivals and rituals. It will discuss how the spectacle and celebration is incorporated in the relation between the sublime, the affect and ideology and discipline. It concerns in particular the political dimensions of techno and rave culture. Bringing the problematic of the subversive, revolutionary moment and issue of exoticism and commercialisation, it looks into recent turbulent histories of former socialist countries, particularly into the phenomena of rave cultures in the context of war and crises.

Lost Property Press (Lithuania) with Noah Brehmer: On Agitation, Witches, Anti-books, and Crowds

Back in 1864, Arkadi Kremer and Julius Martov published a pamphlet in Vilna that called for an agitational, fleshly, quotidian, literature, that would speak with and through crowds; amplifying their forces, circulating their needs and desires. Such a literature was contrasted with the party discipline found in the reading circle and the Book. Following Silvia Federici, Noah Brehmer would like to consider such a minor literature of the crowd as akin to the occult knowledges of witches, vagabonds, slaves and heretics – the various subjects of the early capitalist crowd who imparted an immense barrier for the formation of capitalism as a dominant ethical, epistemological, and affective force. Channeling the occult knowledges found in yesterdays crowds, Brehmer will open thoughts on a social literature of the raving body through the help of Nicholas Thorburns concept of the “anti-book”.

Lost Property Press

Lost Property Press has emerged over the past couple years around the movement space Luna6. The press is an attempt to support the production of anti-books, by fostering communal, militant and mutinous research processes. Yet, not only speaking on self-declared visions, but also to the struggles and contradictions faced when putting such an anti-model into practice, a discussion should be frankly opened about experiences of enclosure, academic appropriation, projectification and hierarchy in the neo-liberal social landscape.

Lost Property Books will be available at the event. For more on the press and its books see: https://lostpropertypress.com/ A digital reader produced by the press featuring material on anti-capitalist night life politics can be found here: “The ULWC Reader”

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