Multilogues on the Now: On Glands, Membranes and Cavities

Multilogues on the Now: On Glands, Membranes and Cavities seek to explore the terrain beyond the binary, focusing on posthuman and more-than-human approaches to health, embodiment and sexuality. This experimental exhibition as a publication includes eight brand new, previously unpublished texts and artworks by leading contemporary feminist, trans, Black and decolonial scholars, artists, curators and activists, commissioned specifically for this project.

Liquid, non-linear, messy, poetic, unstable, leaky, parasitic, monstrous and queer ways of being in the world lead to new openings: of body and its interiority in the wider scale of the micro and the macro. Through this publication-object, we aim to hold onto space for the co-existence and conviviality between the human and more-than-human. In the face of the current global health crisis, our aim is to re-shape and re-imagine toxic power dynamics rooted in intertwined suprema-cies. Focusing on existing and speculative ideas and practices, contributions to this book all strive for a more equal, feminist and horizontal present. (ed.)

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With contributions by:

Edna Bonhomme, Taraneh Fazeli, Anetta Mona Chisa, Hana Janečková, Kateřina Kolářová, Serina Tarkhanian, Tereza Stöckelová, Margrit Shildrick, Susan Stryker, Zuzana Štefková

Display&Charles University Prague 2021, 153 pages, English with Czech translation